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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a method found by Dr. Madan Kataria. Laughter Yoga is an easy and fun way to add more laughter and joy to your life. For more English Information go to

Nauravainen Anu has been trained by Dr. Kataria in 2005 to be Laughter Yoga leader and in 2008 to be Laughter Yoga teacher. Nauravainen Anu has a lot of experience to working with variety of groups and the trainings offered are made with this experience.

Naurujooga-Laughter Yoga

Good/bad laughter

Is laughter always good for us? Is there bad laughter? I’m afraid there is. Bad laughter start from other peoples mistakes or mishaps. Bad laughter is used to bring other people down while good laughter lifts the spirit up for everyone. On half days training we study what is the difference between good and bad laughter and find out how to use laughter to lift us at a new level.

The laughing way of life

We can’t just run away from the bad days. There are times when everything seems to go wrong, the car won’t start and the bills are due. The people around you are annoying and you just wish you could go home and pull a blanket over your head.

At the workshop we go through laughter exercises that help you to get your emotions on the positive side. We’ll talk about getting out the best of a rainy day and bring the sun shine to it. This is a half-day workshop.

The laughter lectures

Good/bad laughter
The laughing way of life
The benefits of laughter

Skype Laughterclub

Skype laughterclub is an international laughter club working in Skype. Just add laughterclub to your contacts and you are in. You get a message to join the laughter session, wich will go on for around ten minutes.